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Horizon Business Solutions, founded by Dan Robins Sr. 31 years ago, was the CFO of a Multi-Million Dollar Educational Publishing Company.

He noticed that many smaller businesses are finding it harder to make money, are paying more taxes than they should, and overall are having a more difficult time just staying in business. 

Most Smaller Businesses do not use Accountants like Big Business whose Accountants give them the guidance and tax expertise, helping them Grow, make more Money, pay much less in Taxes, and Build Wealth for the owners.    

Big Businesses are making lots more money and paying much less taxes.  

This leaves a HUGE VOID because you cannot afford to hire expensive Accountants and Tax Experts to get the same benefits that Big Businesses can easily afford.

We have a different point of view as we only work with small/medium size businesses.

Our Goal is to move you from where you are Today to where you want to be Tomorrow. We do that by becoming deeply involved in our client’s business.  We become the CFO and Advisor for your business.

That is why we developed our “Special Business Package”.  It is a Comprehensive Fixed Fee system providing all your Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax needs; Payroll may also be added.  But more importantly it is Affordably and provides the guidance, consultation and tax planning you need to achieve your current and long-term goals.

Our Service is unique, and we realize that we may not be a good fit for everyone.

We have a significant investment in bringing new clients on board. We are both looking for a long-term relationship where we can help you make more money, pay less taxes, build wealth and in the process give you peace of mind.

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