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Horizon Business Solutions is a small business accounting firm  in Columbus, Ohio that offers professional bookkeeping services.  We are dedicated to the success of small businesses, which is why we offer our Outsourced Bookkeeping Service. This service is designed so that we become your internal accounting department.

We know that making that jump from Quickbooks to professional accounting services is challenging but we are here to help.  Our professionals offer Quickbooks lessons and consulting as well at our expertise in a host of other bookkeeping software. 

You turn over all your time-consuming bookkeeping tasks to us including paying bills, recording deposits, reconciling bank accounts, and more. With our advanced technology platform, we can manage all your bookkeeping activity online. You simply send your scanned source documents to us via a secure internet connection, email, or fax. Once received, our bookkeeping experts process your documents and then deliver all the required financial documents to you online. You can enjoy a completely web-based process!


The Value of Outsourced Bookkeeping - The benefits to you are immense. Consider the following:

  • Frees you to focus on your business, not time-intensive administrative tasks.

  • Eliminates vendor late fees--we ensure that all your bills are paid on time.

  • Saves you money by eliminating the need for onsite staff.

  • Provides assurance that all your bookkeeping needs are met - our experts take care of everything for you.

  • Offers ultimate convenience because all documents are exchanged online.

  • Ensures security of data - processing documents within our online platform is more secure than sending documents via email.

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